Survivor The Congo Opening Sequence00:31

Survivor The Congo Opening Sequence

The Tofauti Tribe (Independent Tribe) was a special tribe in Survivor: The Congo, and was the tribe that castaways joined when they declared Independence.  

Members (First and Second Oppurtunity)Edit

Courtney and Kat.      

Survivor Congo Intro01:02

Survivor Congo Intro

Final 13 introduction (Including Tofauti)







With 14 castaways left in the game, the castaways were then given the option to declare Independence.  Only two members, one from each tribe, Kat and Courtney, declared independence. That made the tribal division 7-5-2, and also made Tofauti immune from the next two votes, guaranteeing both contestants a spot in the final 12.

With 12 castaways left in the game, once again, castaways were given the option of declaring Independence or Surrendering.  However, no one decided to switch tribes, keeping them the same.  Both Kat and Courtney were safe as Mason and Rohan were eliminated.

At the final 10, instead of a merge, which was widely expected, another oppurtunity to declare Independence was given.

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