The Hitlist is a twist currently in the planning stages, and has not been implemented into a game yet.



The Hitlist:  A twist where each castaway will be randomly given a name of another player.  In order to gain an immunity idol, the castaway named must be eliminated (may or not be from the same tribe).  After a castaway on the Hitlist  has been eliminated, the contestants will be given ANOTHER name of ANOTHER castaway to be voted out before merge, and if both contestants on the Hitlist are successfully eliminated before merge, then the castaway will recieve a Hidden Immunity Idol.

Note: The castaways named are pre-determined, and only change if the second castaway named gets eliminated before the first one on the hitlist, in which case decides the second name on The Hitlist

Note: The two castaways named might be both on the opposite tribe, the same tribe, or one each, depending on who is on the list.   Note:  If the two castaways are eliminated before merge, then you will recieve the Hidden Immunity Idol THEN, not AT merge.