Survivor:  The Congo

Season 1
Genre Reality competition
Winner Nick
Episodes 13
Days 39







Season Run TBD
Opening Sequence
Survivor The Congo Opening Sequence

Survivor The Congo Opening Sequence

Previous Season N/A
Next Season Survivor: Tuvalu


  • Independence: After every two tribal councils, all contestants will be given the choice to declare independence from their tribe.  All castaways that choose to declare independence will then form a new tribe.  If any of these tribes are diminished to two people or less, then that tribe will be automatically immune from the vote, and the other tribes will compete for immunity.
  • Hidden Immunity IdolsOn each tribe's camp [Tofauti, Uhuru, and Kupambana], a hidden immunity idol was hidden, able to be found through clues earned at reward challenges and IndependenceThe Hidden Immunity idol negates all votes against the contestant that plays it, before the votes are read.
  • Post-Merge Tribes: At some point after the merge, it will be revealed that the merged tribe will be broken down into tribes once more, where they will compete for immunity and vote someone off, before returning back to original merge form.


All 16 contestants that applied for the game have been accepted, and divided into 2 tribes of Uhuru, meaning freedom in Swahili, and Kupambana, meaning Fight in Swahili.  Uhuru had yellow buffs, while Kupambana wore blue buffs.  Soon after, Tofauti, meaning independent or seperate in Swahili, was formed, sporting green buffs.  Once the tribes merged into Pamoja, they sported red buffs.

Nick won the game in a 5-4 vote over Courtney.  Nick won because, despite being on the outs as a member of the decimated Kupambana tribe, he managed to survive because of his physical game, as well as his idol and relationship with Courtney.  Courtney, despite being on the Tofauti tribe and having social ties with all the players, was seen as someone who didn't play the game hard enough to win.

At the award ceremony, Warren won the Biggest Villain Award, Courtney won the Biggest Hero Award, and Jake won Player of The Season.


Castaway Original Tribe


Twist #1-2*


Twist #3

Merge Finish Votes




19, Chicago



Day 3



25, Canada


1st Voted Out

Day 3



14, Dallas

Kupambana Kupambana

2nd Voted Out

Day 6


Tadpole Nin

Unkn, Portland

Kupambana Kupambana

3rd Voted Out

Day 10

Mason Mason

17, Philidelphia

Uhuru Uhuru

4th Voted Out

Day 13

Rohan Rohan

22, India

Kupambana Kupambana

5th Voted Out

Day 15



15, England

Uhuru Uhuru Tofauti

6th Voted Out

Day 18

Carter Carter

14, Belleville (IL)

Kupambana Kupambana Kupambana Pamoja 

7th Voted Out

Day 21



Unkn, Las Vegas

Kupambana Tofauti Tofauti Pamoja

8th Voted Out

Day 24

Goose John

15, Toronto

Uhuru Uhuru Tofauti Pamoja

9th Voted Out

Day 29

Warren Warren

14, Chicago

Uhuru Uhuru Tofauti Pamoja

10th Voted Out 

Day 31

Zebra Danny

15, St. Louis

Uhuru Uhuru Tofauti Pamoja

11th Voted Out

Day 33

Yogi Yogi

24, India

Uhuru Uhuru Uhuru Pamoja

12th Voted Out

Day 35

Cow Jake

14, Illinois

Uhuru Uhuru Uhuru Pamoja

13th Voted Out

Day 37

Courtney Courtney

28, Walton Nova Scotia, Canada



Tofauti Pamoja  


Nick Nick

15, Michigan


Kupambana Kupambana Pamoja



  •  A revote was cast between Brady and Nin, with Brady recieving 2 votes (and Nin recieving 1) once again.  These were not counted in the Total Vote count.
  • A revote was cast between Carter and Nin.  It tied once again, making Nin, Carter, and Rohan (since NIck was immune) draw rocks.
  • Since no one declared Independence or surrendered, no column was added for the second oppurtunity.
  • Three votes against Kat did not count when she played her Hidden Immunity Idol.
  • John played an idol on himself, negating 4 votes cast against him.
  • Jake and Nick both played idols, negating two and three votes against them, respectively.


Currently In Progress

Episode 1 "Wake-Up Call"Edit

As the castaways arrived at their new temporary home, the Congo, DVMP announced that they would be divided into two tribes, of Uhuru, and Kupambana.  He also announced that a twist, called Independence, was in play.  Once he divided up the tribes, they headed off back to camp.

Over at Uhuru, complex alliances were already starting to form.  John seemed to be in the thick of things, forming alliances with both Courtney and Danny.  He also formed an alliance with Mason, but said that he was fooling him, and will backstab him at a later point.  Also, Yogi offered John a safety-for-safety deal, but John didn’t trust him.  

Courtney was confused about the twist, but was glad that she found the three-way alliance of her, Danny, and John. Mason bought John’s ploy, and believed that he had a solid alliance with John and Courtney, as well as a side alliance with Yogi.  Yogi wanted an alliance with John, Courtney and Mason as well, so both Mason and Yogi believed that Courtney and John were with them, instead of them being with Danny.

At Kupambana, the members of the tribe had not begun forming alliances yet, although Brady felt that he could last through the game without alliances.  Rohan knew some players, but didn’t seem to form alliances with them.  Kat also formed a cross-tribal alliance with John.

At the immunity challenge, all of the players (except for Warren) for Uhuru showed up, and Kupambana’s inactive players caused them to lose the challenge, with only Kat and Nick participating.

After the challenge, Jake from Uhuru stated that he is played the role of the villain this season, and while he hasn’t been villain-y yet, he has formed a close bond with John and Danny, who John says is another one of his side allies.

At Kupambana, Kat showed her frustration at her tribe, saying that she is voting out someone who didn’t participate in the challenge, and that she was annoyed at the non-participants.  Carter noted that alliances haven’t seemed to form.  Goose was worried because he had no idea what was going on, while Kat and Brady plotted against him.  

Rabbaj said that he could not give the game the proper amount of effort, and quit, dramatically changing the game, and meaning that the Independence twist would take place after the vote.  This made things go crazy, as Mason tried to make sure his Uhuru members wouldn’t flip.   In the end, Goose was voted off from the Kupambana tribe, in a 3-2-1-1 vote, making Kupambana go down to 6 members, compared to Uhuru’s 8.

Episode 2 "The Results Scare Me"Edit

At Kupambana, Carter began to suspect Kat’s motives, as Kat had formed a cross-tribal alliance with John, who planned to bring her to the final 5.   Mason also wanted Kat in the final 5 with him.  

Over on the Uhuru tribe, Mason was feeling very comfortable in his spot on his tribe, forming a bond with Jake, but planning on stabbing him.  Mason said that he has John, Courtney, Danny, Jake, Maisy, Yogi, and Kat all under his control, and he plans on blindsiding Jake at the first tribal council he goes to.  Mason is still unaware of John’s plans to get him out, and John is convinced that Mason needs to get out “sooner rather than later”.

When the twist of the hidden immunity idols was revealed to the castaways, Mason immediately decided to declare independence, and got Courtney to declare it with him.  However, he got cold feet and decided to switch back and not declare independence.  Mason still had plans of taking John to the very end, and declared himself a secret villain, while ironically, he was being plotted against by John.  For Kupambana, after indecision, Kat decided to declare independence, due to her tribe’s inability to compete.

Kat and Courtney both ended up immune, and would stay that way until the final 12, per the rule that any tribe with two or less players is immune. At Uhuru, Courtney’s declaring independence made John ditch his alliance with Courtney and Danny, and he decided to side with Mason to control the game.  They also recruited Nick from Kupambana to join the Uhuru alliance at merge, which put Mason and John in power positions. Also, while Warren did NOT find the idol, Mason was convinced that he solved the riddle, and tried to convince him to give his nonexistent idol to him.

At the immunity challenge, despite John considering throwing the challenge, Uhuru dominated once again, sending Kupambana to Tribal Council.  NIck believed that since he was the only one to participate consistently in challenges, he would be safe, which was correct, as the tribe was split between voting out Brady and Nin.  Interestingly enough, Nin and Brady both voted for themselves, so if they had not self-voted, Carter would have most likely been eliminated.  On the re-vote, Brady was eliminated over Nin in a 2-1 vote (2-2-1).

Episode 3 "For Once I Feel Safe"Edit

All three tribes were stumped by the idol clues given, until at the Tofauti tribe, Kat finally made a breakthrough and guessed correctly, receiving the HII, and being the only one to do so.  Jake expressed how things have been slow going, but he feels secure in his alliances, and that Maisy would be next to get out, should Uhuru lose immunity. John planned  a final 5 of Him, Courtney, Yogi, Rohan (from Kupambana), and Jake, and planned for Mason not to be in it.  Jake was feeling more comfortable as more time went on. At Kupambana, Nick and Nin had an alliance made.  Carter also planned on forming an alliance with Nin, to get rid of Rohan if Kupambana loses another challenge, then declare independence, a plan he called “foolproof”.   At the Reward Challenge, Uhuru won both tribal prizes, getting them an advantage at the next immunity challenge, and a clue to the HII, which Mason still could not find.  However, Kat made the best flag and got a clue to the HII she already had, while Nick received another clue to the HII for designing the best introduction, as well as immunity at the next tribal council (pre-merge). At the Immunity Challenge, Uhuru once again dominated, and sent Kupambana to their third Tribal Council in a row.  Carter changed his mind about getting out Rohan, and allied with him to eliminate Nin, while Nin and Nick both voted Carter, causing a tie.  Rohan and Nick’s vote’s didn’t change, meaning that since Nick had immunity, Rohan, Carter, and Nin would draw rocks.  As luck would have it, both Carter and Rohan stayed, and Nin was sent home by the white rock.

Episode 4 "Anything Can Happen Tonight"Edit

When the opportunity to declare independence presented itself, no one from any tribe left their tribe, although Nick thought that Rohan or Carter would leave so that Kupambana would be immune (with the 2 or less rule).  However, Carter changed plans from what he was thinking previously, and decided to stay on his tribe, feeling comfortable.  Courtney says she stayed independent instead of surrendering because she liked the peace of being on Tofauti, and she wouldn’t have to worry about strategy.

At Uhuru, Jake was already planning Mason’s demise, because of John’s telling him of Mason’s earlier plans to get him out.  Jake also wanted Mason out because he ignored him, which made Jake paranoid.  

At the immunity challenge, Kupambana finally made a breakthrough, winning their first immunity against the dominant Uhuru tribe.  At Tribal Council, Maisy was scrambling for alliances, as she was scared for her position in the game, which made Jake suspicious.  Jake was trying to rally troops to vote out Mason, even though when he asked Yogi, he said that he wanted Warren out for being inactive.  However, Yogi changed his mind, and an alliance was formed between Danny, Yogi, Jake, and John, with their prime target of Mason.  Mason was then blindsided in a 5-1-1 vote, and spread the rumor that Warren had the idol, on his way out.

Episode 5 "Does This Mean Merge?"Edit

After Mason’s blindside, Jake felt he was in control of things.  The alliance of Danny, Yogi, Jake and John was official, and Jake was loyal to John.  At Kupambana, Nick and Carter formed an alliance, which only left out Rohan, who had become inactive.  They were also trying to form bonds with the other side.

At the reward challenge, Yogi, Jake, and Kat all won the reward.  However, they could only give the HII Clues to someone of their choice, not themselves.  Yogi was an exception, as he had eliminated John from his tribe.  Yogi and Jake both gave their clues to John, which caused John to find the Uhuru idol.  Kat gave the clue to Nick, who, even though he had received many clues to the idol, still could not find it.

At the immunity challenge, Danny, Jake, and John from Uhuru made a clean sweep and won immunity, sending Kupambana to tribal council.  Everyone was quite confident that the merge was tomorrow, and Jake was very excited about it, as he wanted to eliminate all non-Uhuru’s.  At tribal council, in possibly the only simple vote of the season, Nick and Carter voted off the inactive Rohan in a 3-0 vote.

Episode 6 "I Don't Know Who To Trust"Edit

All the castaways were prepared for a merge, but they were shocked when DVMP revealed that instead of a merge, the normal opportunity for Independence would take place.  Since Uhuru would have to go to tribal council if no one changed tribes, Jake formed a plan to keep all the Uhuru’s in, by getting the tribe to declare independence, and join Tofauti, to eliminate one of Courtney and Kat.  Jake personally wanted Courtney, a former Uhuru out over Kat, while John was planning on eliminating Kat, who had the HII of Tofauti.  Yogi became very irritated at Jake’s bossiness, and did not declare independence.  Jake was also very annoyed at Yogi’s resistance against the move for independence, since Yogi wanted to stick with the foursome alliance and eliminate Maisy and Warren.  Everyone on Uhuru except Yogi declared independence, except Jake, who forgot to send in the message to declare independence.  This enraged a shocked John, calling him a “f*cking liar”.

Since both Uhuru and Kupambana had 2 members on their tribe, they were immune while the members of Tofauti fought for individual immunity, John coming out on top.  John also accepted Jake’s explanation, along with the rest of the tribe, and the Uhuru alliance was back on track...or so they thought.

Jake thought that splitting the votes between Courtney and Kat would be the best idea, but didn’t want to vocalize it for fear of being tagged as bossy, and hoped that the original Uhuru would do it anyway.  However, the Uhuru’s targeted Kat instead of splitting the votes.  Paranoia ran high around the camp as suspicions arose that Danny would flip with Kat and Courtney on voting out Maisy, which was Courtney and Kat’s target.  In the end, Danny stuck with the Uhuru’s regretfully, although Kat sensed her departure and player her Hidden Immunity Idol, and in a huge blindside, Maisy was eliminated in a 2-1-0 vote.

Episode 7 "It Matters When You Finish"Edit

At the final 9, the long anticipated merge was finally announced, and Uhuru, Kupambana, and Tofauti merged into one tribe.   Right before the merge officially came, Nick finally discovered Kupambana’s immunity idol, putting him in a better position.  John came up with two ideas for the tribal name, with Pamoja, meaning individuals, and Watu, meaning together.  The tribe voted and Pamoja was chosen to be the tribe name.  

At the first immunity challenge for the newly formed tribe, Warren pulled out his first immunity win against the others.

At camp, a line in the sand was obviously drawn between the Uhuru’s and non-Uhuru’s, with John, Jake, Yogi, Danny, and Warren in the majority, while Nick, Carter, Kat and Courtney were in the minority.  However, Warren planned on making a big move as he knew that he was on the bottom of the totem pole at Uhuru, saying that he had to go all or nothing to win the game.  He began plotting with the non-Uhuru’s, which made Jake and John suspicious.

At tribal council, shockingly enough, not only did Warren flip to the Non-Uhuru alliance, but Danny tagged along as well, as all of them targeted John for the vote.  In the Uhuru alliance, they planned to befriend Courtney and split the votes between Carter and Nick, in case one of them played the idol.  However, Courtney, along with Carter, both forgot to send in votes, and ended up self-voting.  In the end, John sensed that he would be voted out with the majority, and played his idol, negating 4 votes against him and eliminating Carter in a 3-1-1-0 vote.

Episode 8 "Want Me To Tell You The Idol Clue?"Edit

After Carter’s elimination, it was exposed that Warren betrayed the Uhuru alliance, and the contestants were split in what seemed to be a 4-4 gridlock, between the Uhuru alliance of Yogi, Jake, John, and Danny, and Courtney, Warren, Nick and Kat as the Non-Uhuru alliance.  However, Courtney was playing both sides, with the Uhuru’s in an alliance for majority.  Also, Danny formed a Final 2 with Jake, however, Jake was more loyal to John while Danny was forming multiple final 2’s.

At the reward challenge, John won the clue to the HII, although a fight between himself and Warren burst out, with Warren almost being automatically evicted for accusing the reward challenge of being rigged, which John and Jake were hoping for.  In retaliation to Warren’s claims, John publicly said that everyone else could pick a number 1-7, and we would give his idol clue to whoever guessed the correct number.  Jake ended up guessing the correct number (3), and John gave him the clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol, which Jake immediately found.

At the immunity challenge, Warren pulled out yet another win, saving himself.  Warren had also told John that he and his allies were not targeting John, saying that he had “bigger fish to fry”.  This bigger fish turned out to be Jake, who had coincidentally just received the Hidden Immunity Idol.  Jake played his idol because of this, and in a very close vote, it turned out that he didn’t have to play it, as he had received three votes, and Kat was voted out in a 4-1-0* vote, dictated by the Uhuru alliance.

Episode 9 "Everyone Decided That We Want You Out"Edit

At the Pamoja camp, it was unclear who was on the outs and who was in control.  Nick (who is the only one in possession of an idol) had an alliance with Danny and Courtney, and joined in on voting Kat, while Danny voted John without explanation.  One thing was clear: Warren was against Jake and John, who were together.

As the reward challenge, the castaways took part in the Survivor Auction.  These are the results:

{Not Yet Inserted}

When the twist of the post-merge tribes was revealed, castaways were shocked.  As team captains, John chose Jake and Warren while Courtney chose Yogi and Nick, leaving Danny at Tofauti.  John and Jake’s strategy for choosing Warren was that they planned to throw the challenge, so that they could eliminate Warren and take control of the game. At the immunity challenge, Nick won for Kupambana, sending John’s Uhuru tribe to tribal council.  Jake was panicking, as John, his final 2, had been inactive for a few days, and he was worried that John would be unable to vote, making it impossible to vote out Warren.  Meanwhile, Jake still struggled to find the HII. At tribal council, Jake publicly confronted Warren, saying that him and John were voting out Warren for betraying Uhuru.  However, Jake’s worst nightmares came true, as John was unable to vote in time, sending him home shockingly in a 2-1 vote.

Episode 10 "The Most Dramatic Part of The Game"Edit

At camp, Nick reflected on how he thinks he had played the best game, being the last Kupambana standing.  He also said that he has a core three alliance with Courtney and Danny, with Jake as a fourth, meaning that the division is 4v2 against Warren and Yogi.  Jake was furious and disappointed that John was voted off, saying that he is extremely determined to get Warren out before himself, and that he still believes he can win the game.  Danny’s plan had come into full bloom, as he had formed final 2 alliance’s with everyone left in the game, except Warren, which Danny said didn’t matter since Warren was leaving soon anyway.

At the immunity challenge, Jake and Nick once again proved to be the two main physical threats, as they were the only two to do raps.  However, Jake’s rap barely beat out Nick’s rap, because Nick’s rap did not follow a clear rhyming pattern, which was a requirement.

After the challenge, for the first time in the game since merge, things had quieted down, and it seemed obvious that Warren would be leaving the game, as Jake had a final 3 with Courtney and Yogi (assuming that a Final 3 would be in place instead of a Final 2, mistakenly), and planned on bringing Danny to the final 4.  Danny planned on eliminating Warren first and then Jake afterwards, believing he was in control.  Nick was still confident that Warren and Yogi were on the outs.  Even though complex relationships between everyone discluding Warren could only be delayed by hs elimination, for the first simple vote in the season, post-merge, Warren was eliminated in a 4-1-1 vote.

Episode 11 "The Strongest Member"Edit

Back at camp, Jake planned on going to the final 3 with Courtney and Yogi, still unaware of the fact that a final 2 was being held instead.  He planned on eliminating Nick and bringing Danny to the final 4, since Danny wouldn’t vote him, unaware of Danny’s plans.  Jake was nervous that Yogi might win the votes of the jury, but says (paraphrased) “If I don’t hop on the train, I’ll miss the destination point.”

At camp, Jake targeted Nick along with his final 3 alliance of himself, Yogi, and Courtney.  However, he also wanted Courtney gone after Nick, contradicting his earlier confessionals.  The vote against Nick seemed simple enough, however, Danny made a bold move and voted with Nick against Jake, bringing the vote to 3-2.   He believed that Jake was the biggest threat, and wanted him out.   Courtney said that she was only voting Nick, her number 1 ally, because she knew Nick had the idol, which Nick was fine with.  As it was the last night to play HII’s, both Nick and , in a shocking turn of events, Jake, played their Hidden Immunity Idols, making them both immune, and negating all cast votes.  On the re-vote, Jake, Nick, and Yogi had to vote between Courtney and Danny, the only two without immunity of some form.  Because of Danny’s bold move against Jake, and the fact that Courtney seemed more trustworthy and had relationships with all three of Nick, Yogi, and Jake, she was spared and Danny was voted out in the re-vote in a 3-0 (0-0) vote.  

Episode 12 "Tighter Than A Fat Lady's ###"Edit

At camp, Courtney and Nick both formed a final 2, uniting themselves against Jake and Yogi.  Nick’s goal was to eliminate Jake, as Nick knew that Jake, along with Yogi, both gunned for him.  Jake still believed in an all-Uhuru final 3 with Courtney and Yogi, and to vote out Nick next.  However, he was skeptical of Courtney, and commented on the fact that it might tie between him and Yogi on one side, and Courtney and Nick on the other.

Yogi also had other plans, as he was scheming about eliminating Jake to both Courtney and Nick, without Jake knowing.

At the immunity challenge, in a controversial call by the host, Nick won immunity over Yogi, who was very mad.  He continued his plan to vote against Jake, and believed that Nick and Courtney were on board.  However, Jake heard of Yogi’s plans to blindside him, and pleaded to Courtney and Nick to vote off Yogi instead.  In the end, Courtney and Nick decided that between the two, Yogi was a bigger jury threat, and he was blindsided in a 3-1 vote.

Episode 13 "You Have To Lie"Edit

Following Yogi’s ousting, an enraged Yogi commented on how Nick will win, and that Nick and Jake should be in the Final 2 because Courtney doesn’t deserve to win.  This made Nick believe that Jake was a bigger jury threat, and made Jake believe that Nick was the biggest jury threat, and planned on bringing Courtney to the Final 2 with him.  However, Jake also formed a Final 2 with Nick, who both had other plans.

At the Final Immunity Challenge, Nick misunderstood the challenge, believing that he had to finish the game before posting the link to the fasting, while Jake posted his link to his game, in which he was in the Final 3, before Nick posted the link to the game in which he won.  In a very dramatic finish, Jake got 2nd, meaning that he lost the Final Immunity Challenge, giving Nick the win he needed.

At Tribal Council, Nick stated that since he had two final 2’s, he would go with the one he made first, which was with Courtney, and gave a speech on how he respected both competitors and hoped his lying wouldn’t make them bitter.  After that, Jake became the 9th and final member of the jury, and after a long, hard-fought game, was eliminated in a 1-0 vote.


After Jake's elimination, the two finalists arrived at Final Tribal Council. After deliberations, Yogi critized Courtney for not being able to make challenges and attacking him, Rohan said he didn't want his vote to be taken personally, as he liked them both, Danny asked Courtney if her alliance with Danny was genuine or if she was playing him the whole time, John asked the two why they deserved to win, Jake asked to the two what the other did to make it here, Warren wanted to know if Nick was playing him, while Kat congratulated the two on making the finals. In the end, Nick won in a very close 5-4 vote over Courtney.

Voting TableEdit

Original Tribes Post-Independence Merge
Episode #: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Vote: None              3-2-1-1 2-1(2-2-1) 1-1(2-2) 5-1-1 3-0 2-1-0 3-1-1-0 4-1-0 2-1 4-1-1 3-0(0-0) 3-1
Nick Goose Carter Brady Carter Carter Rohan John Jake S-V Jake Danny Yogi
Courtney Maisy S-V Kat

Warren Nick Yogi


Carter Kat


Warren Nick Danny Yogi


Nick Kat Warren          Nick Danny Jake


Kat John John Warren Jake


Kat John Jake




Kat Carter Kat


Kat Goose Maisy John Jake
Carter Brady Brady Nin Nin Rohan S-V


Rohan Nin Nin Brady Nin Nin S-V


Nin Nick S-V Carter
Brady Goose


Goose Brady


Contestant Vote
Nick Jake

Jury Vote
Finalist: Nick Courtney
Votes: 5-4
Juror Vote
Jake Nick
Yogi Nick
Danny Courtney
Warren Courtney


Kat Courtney
Carter Nick
Maisy Courtney
Rohan Nick


  • This is the first season in the first generation of DVMP's Survivor Series
  • This season only featured twists made by the creative team (besides the everpresent HII)
  • This season's theme was war, and independence.
  • To go along with that, and how in war, often things were not well organized and were unclear, or how everything could be an illusion, this season was specifically designed so that contestants would believe in a merge at the final 10 and a final 3.
  • This is the first season to have a castaway quit.
  • This is the first all-new-castaway season of the series, followed by Survivor: Tuvalu, which has returnees.
  • 5 of the first 6 eliminations were original Kupambana members.
  • However, a Kupambana member still won the game.
  • 6 of the original Uhuru's all placed from 7th to 2nd.
  • This, along with Survivor: Gabon, Survivor: All-Stars, and Survivor: Fiji, had a late tribe swap at the final 10, and merged at 9.