Survivor The Congo Opening Sequence-0

Survivor The Congo Opening Sequence-0

The Kupambana tribe was one of the two main starting tribes of Survivor: The Congo.   The rival tribe was Uhuru. and later, Tofauti.  Kupambana started the game with 8 original members, wearing blue buffs.


Rohan, Goose, Rabbaj, Kat, Brady, Nin, Nick, and Carter.


Kupambana lost the 1st Immunity challenge, and went to tribal council.  Rabbaj was unable to give his full effort to the group, so he decided to quit, giving him 16th place.  After the vote, Goose was eliminated for 15th place in a 3-2-1-1 vote, with Brady recieving 2 votes, and Nin and Nick both recieving one each.  All castaways voted.

After the Independence twist took place, Kat was the only one from Kupambana to declare independence, joining Courtney at the newly formed Tofauti tribe.  At immunity, Kupambana once again lost to Uhuru, and was sent to tribal councl, where Brady was voted off in a 2-1 re-vote (the original vote was 2-2-1, with Nin getting the other two votes and Carter recieving one).

For the third time in a row, Kupambana lost the Immunity Challenge to Uhuru.  In a tie situation, with 2 votes on Nin and two on Carter, and a deadlock occuring, Nin, Carter, and Rohan were forced to draw rocks, as Nick had won individual immunity at the earlier reward challenge.  Nin picked the white rock, and was eliminated for 13th place.

After no one from either tribe decided to declare independence, for the first time in the game, Kupambana won immunity, sending Uhuru to tribal council, where they voted off Mason for 12th.  However, this winning streak was short-lived, as Uhuru beat them in immunity once again, where Rohan was voted off in a 3-0 vote, leaving only two members, Carter and Nick, alive.  Rohan also became the first member of the jury.

After Rohan's elimination, per the 2 or less rule, Carter and Nick were protected from the vote, sending Tofauti to tribal council where Maisy was voted off.  After this, the Kupambana tribe merged with the other two tribes into Pamoja.

However, at the final 7, the Post-Merge Tribes twist was announced, with Nick, Courtney, and Yogi on Kupambana.  Kupambana won immunity, protecting them from tribal council, before Kupambana dissolved back into Pamoja for the final time.