Kat was a contestant of Survivor: The Congo.  She was originally a member of the Kupambana tribe, with the rival tribe of Uhuru.  However, at the final 14 she declared independence from her tribe, joining Courtney at Tofauti.  She ultimately merged onto the Pamoja tribe.  She placed 8th.


Kat started the game off as being one of the only two Kupambana members to participate in the challenge, along with Nick.  When her tribe lost immunity, she kept herself out of danger because of her physical strength and voted out Goose.  However, when the oppurtunity presented itself, Kat became one of the only two members on Tofauti, along with Courtney.  She soon found the Tofauti idol soon after, but didn't have to use it, as she and Courtney were immune per the "2 or less" rule, until the Final 10.  At the final 10, when the castaways discovered that the oppurtunity to declare independence was available instead of the merge, four original Uhuru members declared independence, with the goal of eliminating Kat so that Uhuru could remain 7 strong.  However, due to what was voted as the Dumbest Move of the Season, the Uhuru's did not split the votes when they could have, and instead cast all their votes against Kat.  However, Kat played her idol, negating all votes and in the (chosen by the host) Biggest Blindside of the Season.  She and Courtney blindsided Maisy in a 2-1-0* vote.

Once merge came, Kat joined the non-Uhuru allaince, which consisted of her, Courtney (temporarily), Nick, and Carter.  However, Warren flipped on the Uhuru Alliance and joined Kat's alliance.  These plans were ruined, however, when their target, John, played the idol, and Carter was eliminated.  Things seemed to be a 4-4 split, but Courtney flipped to the Uhuru alliance, voting out Kat, and eliminating her in a 4-1-0* vote.


Survivor Pole - Loss

Trunk Puzzle - Non-Participant

Rope Hang - Non-Participant

Hot Potato -  Non-Participant

Coconut Grab -  Non-Participant

The Pole - Loss

POST! - Loss

Dodge-Ball -  Loss


Kat's Voting History
Episode Kat's
Voted Against




3 Immune
4 Immune
5 Immune

Maisy          John, Danny, Warren

7 John           

Jake           Jake, John, Yogi,


                Eliminated,  Day 24
Vote to win:             Courtney


  • Kat has never won a single immunity challenge, yet only had to go to tribal council twice, due to the Independence twist.
  • Kat is the first person to ever use a Hidden Immunity Idol.
  • Kat was the last Kupambana member to be eliminated in the game.
  • She is also the last Tofauti member to be eliminated from the game.
  • Kat and Nick were the only two to show up at the first immunity challenge, and were the last two Kupambana members left.
  • Kat is the only Kupambana member to declare independence.