This is the place where DVMP will rank all twists in his series, based on personal preference.  Note that some twists, such as the Hidden Immunity Idols, will not be on this page.  Also note that these are based on three different scales, each 1-10, meaning that the highest score possible for each twist is 30.


1. The Curse of ForesightEdit

Potential Capability: 9 Entertainment Value: 9 Actual taking of place: 8 Overall Score: 26/30

The curse of foresight twist, debuting in Survivor: Tuvalu, brought a lot of complex strategies and alliance to the game.  One of the main letdowns of Tuvalu (and it wasn't a very let-downy season) was that from all of the inter-tribal relationships this made, most of them were forgotten about post-merge!  There were countless alliances caused by this, such as the "Cool's" alliance, the Philipino Alliance, Rhys' PIeces, Chantra's Angels, etc. and they all created a great dynamic as a result of this.  I don't really have any complaints for this, though I could imagine ways the castaways coudl have utilized this twist to make it a bit more fun, which is why it doesn't have a perfect score.

2. IndependenceEdit

Potential Capability: 9 Entertainment Value: 8.5 Actual taking of place: 8 Overall Score: 25.5/30

The Independence twist from Survivor: The Congo was a pleasant one.  It was fairly simple, but changed the strategic dynamics of the game, and kept it from becoming a stale pagonging of Kupambana.  As a plus, it led to the Blindside of the Season in Maisy's departure.  I give it high rankings, the only thing stopping it from going higher is the fact that it was never utlizlied to it's full potential, or at least felt that way, thouhg I mean that in the lightest way possible.

3. The HitlistEdit

Potential Capability: 9 Entertainment Value: 7 Actual taking of place: 8 Overall Score: 24/30

The Hitlist twist a pretty great minor twist in Survivor: Tuvalu.  It created just enough drama that people who target their hitlist people, or peopel coudl get paranoid about it, or people who telltheir hitlist target that they wouldn'ttarget them, creating paranoia, etc.  without sealing the fate of any one person.  Not one person's elimination was solely because of the Hitlist twist, though, many were influenced by it, which is the perfec tin0between.  It also caused drama, with Max's idol play being the move of the season, and kicking off Clair's string of idol play's.  The only negative about it, is that some people really didn't care aobut  it, or didn't even know who their target was, which means it didn't affect them at all.

4. Post-Merge TribesEdit

Potential Capability: 8 Entertainment Value: 5 Actual taking of place: 5 Overall Score: 18/30

This twist conflicts me.  It's a fune twist, and one that I think could work out well, but in Survivor: The Congo, all it did was eliminate John and didn't change any of the future dynamics in the game, or change strategy at all.  It feels like a good twist that went stale to me, at least in this seaosn.