Carter was a contestant of Survivor: The Congo.  He was an original
member of the Kupambana tribe, with the rival tribe of Uhuru, and later the independent tribe of Tofauti.  He placed 9th and was the third juror.


Carter, originally on the Kupambana tribe, like most of the other tribe members, did not form relationships early on in the game.  At the first tribal council, he voted for Brady, who was in fact not eliminated from the game, but Goose was in  3-2-1-1 vote.   After Kupambana lost another challenge, Carter was targetted by Nick, but was saved by Brady and Nin's self-votes, causing the two to tie.  Carter originally voted Brady, but changed his vote to Nin, however, Brady was instead eliminated by the other two in a 2-1(2-2-1) vote.  With four members left, and after losing yet another immunity challenge, Carter came up with a game-plan. Eliminate Rohan and then declare independence for safety.  However, he decided to change his plans and ally with Carter against Nin and Nick, who also formed a duo, causing a 2-2 tie between him and Nin, Nin ultimately getting "rocked out".  

After this, Carer decided not to declare independence, thinking that one of Nick and Rohan would declare independence and he woudl be immune per the "2 or less" rule, but guessed wrongly as neither did.  He decided to align with NIck, as Rohan went immune, and him and Nick carried Kupambana to their first immunity challenge.  However, at the final 11, they lost immunity once again, and because of his inactiveness, Carter sided with Nick to vote out Rohan in a 3-0 vote.

After the final 10 elimination, where Carter stayed on his tribe, all three tribes merged into Pamoja.  Carter was a part of the non-Uhuru alliance consisting of himself, Courtney, Kat, and Nick.  However, Warren and Danny both flipped to their alliance but not only did John, the target of this alliance, play his idol, but both Carter and Nick self-voted, which ended up in Carter's elimination in a 3-1-1-0* vote.


Survivor Pole - Loss

Trunk Puzzle - Loss

Rope Hang - Loss

Hot Potato -  Win

Coconut Grab -  Loss

The Pole - Non-Participant

POST! - Loss


Carter's Voting History
Episode Carter's
Voted Against









Nin, Nick


4 Immune
5 Rohan
6 Immune
7 S/V

John, Jake, Carter

7th Voted Out, Day 21
Vote to win:           Nick


  • Carter was the first vote-off of the merge, because of his self-vote.
  • Carter was the first post-merge vote-off in the series.
  • Carter was the last Kupambana member to stay alive without using the idol at some point in their game.
  • Carter was the second of three people to be "idoled out" of the game in the season.
  • Carter was the only completely Kupambana member to be eliminated post-merge.
  • Carter ended up being the last person to vote as a juror, and thus was the deciding vote to crown Nick the winner.